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If you’ve already discussed a loan program with us and know what loan is right for you, please use the links below to submit a quick and convenient application.

Diamond Financial does not Charge a fee to get SBA 7(A) & non-SBA Pre-Qualified. There is never a fee charged to discuss your loan potential. we do not charge application fees except for SBA 7(A) loans. You must be Pre-Qualified to be eligible to proceed and apply for an SBA 7(A) loan with Diamond Financial. 

SBA 7 (A) Application

If you are interested in starting up or expanding your franchise, fill out the application below to get started.  (To get pre-qualified for a franchise loan call us at (877) 508-2274 or email [email protected]

Download "SBA-Loan-Application (1).pdf"

SBA Express Application

If you are interested in starting up or expanding your franchise, fill out the application below to get started.

Download "SBA-Express-Loan-Application.pdf"

Conventional FranBank Application

Acquisition and Expansion Financing for Franchise and Non-Franchise Businesses. FranBank is a preferred lending solution to many franchise systems offering capital readiness programs and capital procurement.

Download "FranBank-Submission-Overview.pdf"

UBLOC Application

A Credit based program that uses personal credit to fund your franchise/business. Fill out the form below to get started.

Download "UBLOCCBL.pdf"

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Commercial Real Estate Application

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages offered in all 50 states with competitive interest rates and a variety of lending vehicles. We are here to help you grow and succeed!

Please call our office to get fast pre-qualified and discuss your loan request at 732-787-9191
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Consumer Business Loans (CBL) Application

The Term Loan program is either an add-on to, or in lieu of, the UBF program when the applicant meets eligibility and is agreeable to either a portion – or all – of their funding supplied in the form of cash term loans with a fixed monthly re-payment.

Download "UBLOCCBL (2).pdf"

Equipment Leasing Application

Leasing is an affordable way to acquire equipment quickly without huge out of pocket expenses. At Franchise Leasing we can assist your franchise with all your leasing needs. Fill out the form below to get started.

Download "equipement-leasingremodel-financing.pdf"

100% Remodel Financing Application

We offer 100% financing for re-model, reimage, and refreshing franchise concepts with 3+ years’ time in business. This can include 50% equipment and 50% construction cost over 24-60 month terms. We pride ourselves in 24 hour approvals and fund in 3-10 business days. No cost or obligation quote.

Download "equipement-leasingremodel-financing (1).pdf"

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LeverageLine for Securities Owners

A fully licensed, FINRA/SIPC wholesale credit line facility custom-designed for the franchise, business-buying, and commercial real estate client seeking low-cost, high-LTV financing against their stock, bond, or mutual fund portfolio.
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Retirement Rollover/401K & IRS (DRF) Application

This is not a loan or credit program; we’ll simply unlock your stagnant retirement account to make your money available to you now. We will not only free up your assets but also create an equity opportunity for your retirement account to grow alongside your business.

Download "SBASBA-expressDRF.pdf"

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Business Acquisitions (SBA) Application

If you’re looking for a loan to buy a business, this one is tailor-made for you.
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Franchise Revenue Loans

Over 85% of merchant applicants are approved – money made simple! Fill out the form below to apply today.

Download "DFS-Franchise-Revenue-Loan-Application.pdf"

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